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VMware Carbon Black EDR
Threat Hunting and Incident Response

VMware Carbon Black EDR

Threat hunting and incident response solution delivers continuous visibility in offline, air-gapped and disconnected environments using threat intel and customizable detections.

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Detect and Respond to Advanced Attacks at Scale

Continuous Visibility

You can’t stop what you can’t see. Investigations that typically take days or weeks can be completed in just minutes. VMware Carbon Black® EDR™ collects and visualizes comprehensive information about endpoint events, giving security professionals unparalleled visibility into their environments.

VMware Carbon Black EDR
VMware Carbon Black EDR

Scale the Hunt

Never hunt the same threat twice. VMware Carbon Black EDR combines custom and cloud-delivered threat intel, automated watchlists and integrations with the rest of your security stack to efficiently scale your hunt across even the largest of enterprises.

Respond Immediately

The days of constantly reimaging are over. An attacker can compromise your environment in an hour or less. VMware Carbon Black EDR gives you the power to respond and remediate in real time from anywhere in the world. We make it easy to quickly contain threats and repair the damage to keep your business going.

VMware Carbon Black EDR

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Protection

Consolidate multiple endpoint security capabilities, and operate faster and more effectively with a single, cloud native platform.

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